Learning on Skillshare while working the day job

Learning on Skillshare while working the day job - student project

Hi there!

My name's Megan and I initially joined skillshare as a free user, then got quickly sucked into all the cool premium courses.  I've been fluttering on the site for a couple of months now, and I really really enjoy it, but I also feel like I should start getting some things done.

I looked up this course because I have such a hard time doing the projects in the classes I have enroled in.  51 classes, no projects lol.  But as the course mentioned, I just kind of picked classes by what looked interesting, and I didn't have time sensitive reasons to finish them.

I did notice a trend in the classes I take, they break down into some basic major catagories:

Illustration: Watercolor and Pen and ink.  I'm mostly a digital artist, so I think I really wanted to brush up on some traditional skills I've always admired but found difficult.

Graphic design: Typography and Layout.  As an artist, these are HUGE weaknesses of mine, that I have always felt guilty about not being good at.  I feel like I went into a slump, unable to take constructive criticism in design and typography even though I want to make cool things.

Social Media presence:  Blogs, instagram, twitter, and more.  Basically the whole web presence.  I love an envy other people's' cool crafting and illustration blogs, and yet i've never been able to get even a portfolio online for the fear of sucking.  I picked up quite a few of these.

Time management:  51 classes with pretty much zero progress beyond watching some of the videos.  I wonder if I have some scheduling issues?  Well this has always fascinated me too, and there are a lot of really cool classes about setting the goals that are right for you.

There are the odd end "how to use x program" in my list as well, but over all I would say my unconscious larger goal was to get out on the internet as a freelancer.

My goal for this class is to break out the classes I'm already enrolled in and get each block section done in a week to 2 weeks.  

Within a month I want to be posting everyday to a blog.

Within 3 months I want to be showing some of my illustrations at craft and art fairs.

Within a year I want to have a web presence and an online store.

I have to be off to work now, but I'll definitely check back in and update how this is going!