Learning how to people in Zbrush

Learning how to people in Zbrush - student project

Previously I did some environment sculpting in Zbrush. Now it's time to learn how to do people! I'm not happy with the structure around the eyes. Guess I'll have to learn more about anatomy and get that form in there as soon as possible. I also found that I was 'stroking' the head too much rather than making bold and decisive moves. I guess I'm thinking too much about the outcome rather than the journey.

Ryan is a knowledgeable and very spiritual teacher, I think. I found a lot of comfort in his remarks on our learning process. Thank you!

Next step, learn how to sculpt someone's likeness. And yes, the sculpt Ryan did was totally Ryan Reynolds. 

Learning how to people in Zbrush - image 1 - student project

Marielle Reuser
Pin-up artist