Learning how to blend

I loved this class :)

I used Koh-I-Noor set of (12) artist's coloured pencils 3822 and Faber-Castell children's (water) colour pencils set of 24.

This is my first attempt. Sorry for the blurry picture :/

I think that I was pressing to hard so it was hard to get nice blending. At the end, with Koh-i-noor, I used also Derwent blender since I don't have a white in my set.


This is my second attempt. The paper isn't so smooth because I'm planning to use water on Faber-Castell sphere (blue one). Orange is done with Koh-i-noor.


I will definitely continue to play with coloured pencils. More spheres and colour wheel are up next. I don't feel ready yet for the apple :)

I've done color wheel (but only primary and secondary colors). And a swatch table. Everything is done with Koh-i-noor set.


I used smooth 100g paper but I've feeling of too many gaps if I do normal pressure. Is this 'normal' ? Should I attribute that to the pencils that I'm using or am I doing something wrong?

More playing and learning about colours that I have. 

Koh-i-noor polycolor (set-12). I tried to make a map of them blending with each other. I still have problem with controlling pressure so I'll make this map again for sure. I applied Derwent blender on a sphere.


Koh-i-noor Mondeluz (set-24). I tried to see what colours do I have and how do they look when I apply different pressure. And I made wild mushroom just for fun :D


Different spheres. I used blender on top two. They are all done with KIH polycolors.




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