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Damaris Mia

Founder/Editor of Southern California Bride



Learning calligraphy

This is my first calligraphy course and I'm so excited to learn! I've been wanting to take a calligraphy course for YEARS but didn't know where to look. Thankfully, a friend posted about this class and being a new mom to twins, felt that this would be something that would work with my new mommy schedule :) So excited to learn and see what everyone else creates!

PROJECT 1 [9/26/13]: 
I've been practicing writing the alphabet and I've come to realize that I prefer writing certain letters more than others. I haven't written in cursive since grade school so it was definitely a challenge to try to write in cursive again. But I did have fun! :)  

PROJECT 2 [9/27/13]:
I feel silly for even posting this because of a couple grammatical errors but I really liked the way they turned out despite those little mistakes. Rather than writing "highway", I wrote "hiway" and I totally forgot to add in the "r" in "California". Oops! And the zip code on the left image - I just made it up. Haha.

PROJECT 3 [10/3/13]:
I spent the last few days just writing random stuff from my name to quotes and lines from songs. Still have a lot to work on but I'm happy with my progress. I'm learning to have better control of my pen + nib. I try to practice everyday because I really love calligraphy!


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