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JJ Anthony

Self Taught Storyteller



Learning about SEO

My website ( officially went live 4 days ago and I'm trying to lean everything I can SEO. This was a really great introductory class that broke everything down for beginners like me. There was so much to learn but there was 5 great nuggets that I made sure to highlight and remember.

  1. Overview of SEO:
    •  Direct - 43.38%
    •  Email - 0.36%
    •  Search - 27.79%
    •  Social Media - 5.81 %
    •  Direct Ads - 1.54%
  2. Don't become too metric obsessed. He suggest checking your metrics week-to-week.
  3. You want to avoid pogo sticking as niece as possible. (Engagement and visitor experience is so important.)
  4. Domain names:
    • When thinking about a domain name, think about you can brand. Amazon purposely didn't name themselves or They chose a name that was brand able and could build an association with it.
  5. Find the intersection of:
    • what you are good at -> where you're audience is paying attention -> where you can provide unique value.
    • If you can find the intersection of that you will be successful. 





cover art image drawn by me:



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