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Learning a more conscious and precise inking technique, changing my vision

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I am quite an active drawer, first I used to use pencil then I discovered pen, and ink was quite a discovery. Ink made my act more risky and exciting : learning to translate nuance with different strokes and no erasing allowed! Sharing a collective workspace, I am well surrounded with talented artists I can watch at work, but being spontaneous and self-taught I often feel I lack a methodology and technique so I am curious to learning. I love comics (even if I don't do any myself) but felt I didn't understand something, the way the artist translates an image into black and white.

This year I've been obsessively drawing many concerts, using anything next to me : pencil, pen, markers, plastic brushes, constantly experimenting different media and styles. I need to go fast and work in strange conditions : standing, low-light, constant movement of the crowd, and with the frustration that a time limit makes. So to balance out the speed of this strange activity drawing live concerts is, I've been needing to go back to "taking it slow", thinking, learning to work on a more composed drawing, trying to balance both my spontaneity and patience.

This class is what I've been looking for. Already just the supplies, setting up... It gives me order and confirms some things I naturally do and teaches me things I've been wondering about. I love Yuko's artwork and personality, full of movement and life, watching the first videos I understood why, just the way Yuko speaks of observation and different materials, showing texture, it's all very sensual. I do this naturally somehow but to hear it, it has an impact on me. And you can feel she loves what she does and conveys that in her art.

This is my first exercise after following this class. Since I wanted to go straight to the inking process, I quicky traced-sketched a photograph on a light table. Since I'm a bit too impulsive this is on bad paper (which I definitely regretted afterwards) and with a plastic portable brush (which Yuko does not recommend, but it works for me and I don't have the money right now to invest, though I'm quite excited to test new brushes when I will be able to!). Then I inked trying to feel each different material, thinking also about the direction of the light to play with contrast, taking my time. I had  the most fun with the grass. Sometimes I think the subject is just an excuse for having fun with abstract textures!

I'm quite pleased with the result, I feel the class helped me to "see better" and gave me more confidence to be free with my brushstrokes.

I'm excited to try the "white-line" effect I've always found beautiful and been to shy to try and also to tackle a larger number of different textures.

P.S. If you are interested in my work, you can discover my portfolio, my concert drawing facebook page, and my concert drawing tumblr.

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