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Learning Watercolor by Brette Guilmette

I have worked with watercolors before but I never really learned how to use them. I want to start to learn my tools so I can become a better artist.

At the beginning of this class I only had a pan set of fairly cheap watercolors which is what I used for my Gradients, Pulse and Precision, and Monochromatic excercises.


Not the best quality scan but you get the idea.


I definitely need some work when it comes to straight lines so I will be practicing this more!


I really love how my monochromatic excercise turned out! I would like explore this a little more as well.

Now after watching the lesson on experimenting with different media like salt and bleach I decided I wanted to get a different kind of watercolor so I went to the store and bought a whole set of Dr. Ph Martin's and let me tell you, I was SO excited to start painting with them. I also ended up buying some white ink and a really pretty pearlescent periwinkle.

And then I began the experimenting..


Had a lot of fun with that. I noticed that the bleach mixed with my pan set just lightened the colors but mixed with my Dr. Ph Martin's it actually changed the color of the ink!

I was super excited to work on the Jellyfish assignment because I think they are so beautiful and it's something you can kind of just have fun with because there are so many different kinds out there.


I definitely had some issues with keeping the line weight the same which I realized was due to other tings on the page being wet and I was positioning my hadn in a way to avoid them which made it hard to create smooth lines. I am still happy with how this turned out, the colors are evn brighter in person.

Here is my final galaxy image. I had a little trouble with keeping the white pure white it kept showing the other color so I will have to experiment with different inks and paints. I really had so much fun doing this and I will definitely be doing more! 



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