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Jason Rost

Freelance artist



Learning VRay

Not a stranger to 3D, however it is my first time using VRay.  Thought I would give it a go!


Unit 1 - Part 1:

Getting the VRay demo installed and putting together my first test render.


Unit 1 - Part 2:

Started creating a little still life based around a couple vases I own.  Still working on composition and deciding what objects to add to my scene.  I'm thinking possibly an orange and potentially cheese and a cheese slicer.  However I probably should texture my current objects first before I go and add more :)


Played around with the lighting a little and settled on the window light look below:

I also decided that I wanted to fill the glass with some tea.  Next up I'll start texturing the tray and orchid.


Next on my list is to tweak the lighting a little and render a high-rez image.


After some adjustments in Photoshop here's the final image:

Let me know what you think!


Update as of 5/21/14:

I made some slight tweaks in Photoshop: I changed the overlay image, made it slightly sharper, added a subtle highlight to the table edge, and lightened up the left side of the image.


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