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Learning Typography

Section 1 -

I headed to a small local town and took many photographs of packaging, billboards, shop fronts, etc, then analysed them. I feel the typography I liked expresses quality through a blend of old and new font choices, whilst the typography I disliked tended to convey a conflicting message.



5 photographs of typography I don't like:


Featuring: • bad colour choices • dull font combinations • targeting the wrong audience • strange use of capital E

Here are my 10 typefaces. Out of these I think I found sporty and ugly the hardest to find. Perhaps because I'm not majorly into sports and because I wasn't sure how to represent ugly (I'd normally choose Hobo, but in terms of this exercise Hobo feels more hippy than ugly!). 

After the intial choices, I decided to find colours that I felt represented the words well in addition to the typeface style. 


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