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Learning Type - Derek

Unit 01

I think I tried to analyze the exercise too much. I wasn't sure if Kyle wanted us to actually draw letters in the shapes or just do whatever. I chose the latter when I figured the exercise was simply to draw. Anyway here's my shapes. I felt really rushed so didn't spend much time on them, but I think the point was just to get rough ideas out of your head quickly. Although there's not much to them. Hope to dive deeper soon.

Unit 02

I always like tall capital fonts. Here's a couple examples I was inspired by. The first is a logo by David Smith (http://drbl.in/fJxQ) and the second is a logo by J Crutchley (http://jcrutchley.com). 

I'm pretty new to this and I'm sure I'm breaking tons of 'rules' and often went online for direction, but here's what I have so far. I'm not sure I'm going with either of these, but if I do I want to create them again to refine them and spend more time on each letter.

My idea was a capital font with semi rounded edges which I think I hit better on the second round of sketches. Towards the end of the alphabet I can tell I got tired and just threw down whatever because V through Z is quite weak. I like the character that the letters B, E & F bring and I may try to develop more character in other letters. I have found I hate drawning M, W, X, S.


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