Learning To Code So I Can Know What I'm Talking About

Learning To Code So I Can Know What I'm Talking About - student project


I am an Account Manager for a web design and marketing firm, but lack the skills necessary to have a true conversation with my accounts when it comes to design and development of their sites.

I am taking this class in order to gain a basic understanding of HTML and CSS to better my knowledge of a very important topic in my field.

Eventually, I plan on www.alexbrees.com becoming my own personal website to expand my reach as well as a personal/professional blog.  I am currently blogging at www.businessmadebreesy.wordpress.com/ if you feel like checking me out!

Please be sure to check out my first coding project at www.alexbrees.com/codetest1



I have added a contact us form, a table with some of my favorite sports teams, and a google maps iframe to one of my favorite beer restaurants.  I have also taken my site live at www.alexbrees.com, so check it out!



I have added a link to my blog in the header section of the site.  Please take a look, www.alexbrees.com.



Haven't updated this in a while.  A lot of awesome changes have started to take shape.  I am now through code challenge 4, although I am focusing my energy on the homepage for now.  Please take a look at www.alexbrees.com!

Alex Brees

Account Manager at Brand Labs