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Learning Progress

Hi AnaVicky!!!

Well here's my monochrome activity, at first i find it kind of hard to do the gradients, but then i like it and understand it. I need more practice on my precision haha. :) 


-----------------------------Another monochrome practice before to start the next-------------------


------------------------ Penaut Butter Jellyfish----------------------------------------------

Here's my Jellyfish activity, i went on a little trip where i have the opportunity to go to a big art store and buy some Winsor & Newton Watercolor Tubes and some fine brushes. In this activity I struggle with the thin lines because in some parts the water wasn't enough and my pulse wasn't the best of course. I combine watercolor palette with watercolor tubes, salt and on the whites i used gouache :).

Also i tried this on a smaller sketch than the usual, that's why it looks so thight :/



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