Learning My Paint and Paper

Learning My Paint and Paper - student project

5/29 Wow, I didn't realize the differences in how paint shows up on different paper brands. All I had on hand at home was Strathmore Watercolor Series 400, 300 GSM cold press, which is widely available at the local craft store with a 40 percent off coupon; Grumbacher Watercolor, 300 gsm cold press, available at the art supply store and a generic watercolor paper, 147 gsm, that was sold in retail discount clothing store (TJMaxx I believe) it was gifted to me.

For paint I used the Koi watercolor tubes


On just looks, the strathmore and grumbacher felt the same. Grumbacher has more texture. The unnamed brand, is thin and has a slight linen like look. It also tore messily from pad

Learning My Paint and Paper - image 1 - student project


The strathmore, I feel like the paint pooled and the edges (noticeable on the stems) are a little fuzzy when you look at it closely. The page also buckles. The paint seems to dull and sink into the paper. Maybe that's why is spreads just a little?

Learning My Paint and Paper - image 2 - student project

The grumbacher dried with the most vibrant color of the paint and the stem looks cleaner. The painting looks more fluid if that makes sense. The strathmore dried kind of blotchy.

Learning My Paint and Paper - image 3 - student projectLearning My Paint and Paper - image 4 - student project

The unnamed brand, too be so thin, it drank up the paint. It dried the fastest. The only thing is, it looks so washed out and dull. It almost looks like markers instead of watercolor. Also surprisingly, the paper although thinner than the other two brands, did not buckle..Learning My Paint and Paper - image 5 - student project

I probably will buy grumbacher. I definitely will not be buying paper all willy nilly any more and will stick to one brand, once I figure out my preference.  I probably will use the generic paper to practice strokes or as warm up paper.

Exercise 2: Brush Size

I used 3 round davinci and a 8 round princeton velvet touch to make the roses. I prefer the larger brush. The 3 I felt I was overworking the curves and getting blotchy with the paint. However, I kind of preferred the control of 3 for the leaves.

Learning My Paint and Paper - image 6 - student project