Learning Maya — Modeling

Learning Maya — Modeling - student project

I had some motion design experience in Cinema 4D through last years, but finally I dropped it, because I didn't have enough inspiration. Later I realized that I still like all that stuff, but what I really want to create is 3D animation movies with animated characters, not motion, so I decided to learn Maya. 

As for modeling, honestly, I'd rather buy models whenever it's possible, modeling is the most difficult and unintelligible part of 3D to me. But the models are extremely expencive, especially character models, and they are not what I exactly want for my projects, so I have to learn how to model all that myself. 

So, here is what I've made. Ghostbuster trap was easy enough, because I'm familiar with hard surface, but now I can do it in Maya, cool! I just had some issues with bevels, sometimes it works weird:) Fortunately, I was able to fix that. 
Learning Maya — Modeling - image 1 - student project

Learning Maya — Modeling - image 2 - student project

Learning Maya — Modeling - image 3 - student project

But it wasn't so easy with organic modeling, which is totally new for me. I thought it's imposible to model this skeleton, but... here it is! There is still a lot of things to improve, but I will probably do it later, I've already spent a week to do this version and now I feel kinda tired of that guy:)

Learning Maya — Modeling - image 4 - student project

Learning Maya — Modeling - image 5 - student project

Learning Maya — Modeling - image 6 - student project

Learning Maya — Modeling - image 7 - student project

Thank you very much for this great course, Lucas! I'm going to take all the "Maya for Beginners" courses, can't wait until animation, that's what I really love:)