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Learning How to Draw with Yuko Shimizu



↓ This is a self-portrait from a photo I have on my laptop.. it was hard slowing down at first but I think I see the point of it - so I will definitively practice more often.6dd6955e

↓ I started out with a thick pencil but the feel of it wasn't the same as with a pen...d420bcc5

↓ and this is a still of our teacher, this was the first one and took about 10 seconds. I'm learning to slow down :)3fc61f24



↓ many years ago, before going into architecture (and computer-aided drawing), I was much better skilled in eye-hand coordination. I lost a lot of it without practice and by trying to speed up all the time using different software. This exercise reminded me how much hand-drawing is a mental and time-sensitive process.



↓ cont. experiments with different medium while I get my eye-hand coordination smoother... I tried experimenting with getting the contour based on light/shadow and then used that as a base50f127fc


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