Learning How to Cook

Learning How to Cook - student project


Thank you so much for all your courses on here, Tom! They have helped me tremendously! 

This was my first full project after switching from analog to iPad. Still learning all the capabilities and finding my style. 

I imagined illustrating for an article on why we should learn how to cook for ourselves. 

I'm looking for a constructive critique/feedback to keep improving :) 


Learning How to Cook - image 1 - student project

-Only a few select kitchen tools are needed

-Sharp chef's knife

-A sturdy pot & pan

-Large cutting board



Learning How to Cook - image 2 - student project

-You get rewards beyond just eating like sense of accomplishment, clearing your mind, save money, gain health, a sensory activity away from screens

-Be at peace with kitchen mishaps; they're part of learning

-Flavor and temperature matter in your final result

-Invest in a skill you can share with others