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Learning AE pt1

So to improve my animation skills I believe there's a lot i can benefit from in After effects even tho i'm not completely sure where I'll go after. And I believe that doing this house animation exercise will benefit me greatly. 

I have decided to not do a front facing view, but to do something a bit different and more challenging to see if I could pull it off. Hopefully I'll still be able to keep sense to the timing and individual layers! 





So here is the finished piece! I decided to take some slightly different approaches for when it came to animate and unfold certain aspects of the house. I had no idea that photoshop limited gifs to 500 frames so when looping back it was cut a bit short!


Id appreciate all thoughts and constructive criticism so i can improve on my next project! 


I'll be posting all my little ventures on my instagram! @pefisu 


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