Learnin' to Draw Some Fonts | Skillshare Projects

Jessie Wyatt

Web & Graphic Designer



Learnin' to Draw Some Fonts

I was really excited about this class because I wanted to supplement my skills with drawing fonts and giving my work a more hand-drawn and organic feel. I took two typography classes in college, but really wanted to push myself beyond that and I am looking forward to this class to help me improve my skill set.

The first exercise was really fun and helped me to free my mind and just draw. I found it interesting how the shapes really informed the letters. I plan on doing this exercise again to inspire me to create letterforms I wouldn't have normally thought of.

Next, I plan to use my gridded sketchbook to start drawing out my first try on the font. I will be uploading some sketches in the next few days in hopes of getting feedback. Thanks!


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