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Learned By Me Mobile

Client: Learned By Me is an online language tutoring company that offers $15 Spanish lessons by connecting students with top native speaking professors. It can cost up to $75/ hour to have a private tutoring session, which is one of the best ways to learn a language. The professors provide personalized feedback and tailored the lessons to the student’s skill level during the live private Skype sessions.

Research: The current Learned By Me website provides information about the company and its policies, links to their social media, fields to enter email addresses for prospective students and a series of steps to schedule lessons. Learned By Me is in a crucial phase of growth. They are user testing, trying different marketing techniques and conducting market research to understand how to better reach the target demographics and increase their user base. After making contact with students the sign up and lesson booking process needs to be seamless. It is a key component of the Learned By Me business development to have a user-friendly mobile site. 

Objective: The primary goals of the mobile site are to collect e-mails of prospective students and allow students to sign up for lessons. The mobile site should have a visual connection to the brand but is not contrained to the look and feel of the current website. Client expressed interest in possible visual expansion.


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