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Learn to touch type

Goal: Be able to type 60 or more words per minute with 95% accuracy on LiveChatInc.

Sub-Goal: Put at least 10 mins of practice into the skill every day till it is learned




Tested current WPM at 27 (turtle)with accuracy of 100%

Started practising on Typing club

Re-tested current WPM at 31 (t-rex)with accuracy of 100%


Looked into some facts about typing, the average typist types at 41WPM with an accuracy of 92%.

While looking up what the maximum speed anyone can achieve is before being limited physically not by the speed of the mind I found this which shows the time taken to reach different typing speeds. The estimation for 60 WPM is 10 hours.

Tested WPM at 28 WPM 96% (A disprovement but I find when testing one mistake throws me off easily and leaves my typing speed lower for a while though this doesn't happen in real world typing)


Tested current WPM at 33 (t-rex)with accuracy of 100%

 20/01/19: Started watching a Skillshare course on touch typing by Maged Boutros and did half an hour of practice.

22/01/19: Practised some blindfolded typing and finished watching and making notes on Maged Boutros course.


28/01/19: Managed to do an hour on typing club over today and yesterday :)

 30/01/19: Discovered something rather bizarre today, found out the less I focus on my typing the quicker I type.

Started typing at roughly 32 WPM, this seemed slow for me so I was more concentrated on speed in the next exercise, doing so caused my speed to fall to 29WPM and I wondered what I was doing differently, then I realized I didn't have any music on and I usually do.  I turned on my music and suddenly the next activity I hit 38 WPM.  I thought about this and my next activity speed fell to 36 WPM then down to 33WPM, so I've concluded the less I think about my typing the faster I type.  Having made the realization means I can't not think about my typing which is rather irritating and made typing this painfully slow.  Does explain though why my practise scores are so much better than my test scores.

03/02/19:  Decided I need to do more to stop myself looking at a keyboard so from now on when practising near my usual workspace, I'll be working on a laptop at a desktop screen with the laptop screen folded down so I can't look at the keyboard.

04/02/19: The new plan off fully covering the keyboard has really nerfed my speed, but I guess in many ways its a good thing as it means I am truly learning to touch type not just type faster with improved techqnique. To achieve the fully covered keyboard with enough space to type but still not see the keyboard I've ended up sticking two layers wide of post-it's along the top of my screen and disabling touch screen.


 09/02/19: Disappointed to have missed a couple of days but have been programming with the keyboard covered on those days so I'm not too out of practice.


14/02/19: Still doing well over an hour a week of practice but I've been far less diligent in daily typing, I'd guess this is because practising with a fully covered keyboard has a higher startup energy than without, but the time spent practising is more worthwhile than without covering the keyboard so Its a worthwhile trade-off.


09/03/19: Starting to believe Im learning more about habit acquisition than typing. but I have been enduring more of the time when not recording.

Also tested at 37 WPM at 100% accuracy, with the laptop on my lap.

02/04/19: Not updated in a while due to a lot of deadlines, currently using microsoft to-do to track my practise as it makes you catch-up on missed days.

Also tested: 40 WPM(170 CPM). When accuracy was 95%

 19/05/19: Not a lot to update on recently still practising and had a number of practices passing the 50 wpm mark, highest was 55 wpm. Also noticed when I don't practise for a while I seem to come back better, not sure if it just gives me time to forget bad habits or just time to consolidate what I've learned before practising again, may test this in the future to see what I can learn about learning.


03/07/19:  If I'm gonna be honest I've missed a lot of practices over the past 3 months and I think I know why.  About 3 months back Uni work got a bit intense and instead of the first thing I thought when logging onto a computer being doing typing practice, it became the work I had to do. 

Since finishing the uni term I've never properly regained the habit of the first thing I do when logging onto a computer being typing practise, so from now I resolve to make this a habit, no skipping no exceptions(deadlines anything), and I think this will probably work 

What made me believe this? you may wonder.  Basically somewhere over a month ago I began running every day as the first thing I did after I got up. Because I tied running to the task of getting up and I told myself there were no exceptions to this, I've not missed a day.

Terrible hangover? still running. Ropeburn on one foot? still running

Having realised habits are a lot easier to make if you tie them to something you already do I think I'll try adding more things as a permanent fixture to my life, such as meditation and diarying.


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