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Learn to create a video promo in minutes for your business

Who is the audience? 

Small business owners who have a website that need a basic video promo to improved their brand, make more business and promote their services

What's the Problem?

Video creation can be a hard task and a pain for most users, these days we have some many apps, platform and free tools online that you do not have an idea of where to start and where to end.

 How can we help? 

An easy and practical online training that will show you step by step how to use FREE and affordable tools to create a quick video promo using still images and text. You will be amaze of the results in addition to getting a professional video in minutes.. Your short video will help you in getting to the top pages in Google.  


Headline: Quick and Easy Way to Create Video For Your Business

What's the point? 

No books to read, no boring training, no searching in YouTube for bad video tutorials

Why should you care? 

I'm an adobe certified instructor with more than 10 years of experience in the field, I'm sure I will do an excellent jobs teaching the latest online tools in an easy and practical way.


Video is the best tool to get more traffic and better ranking in search engines. Use the power of YouTube to publish your video and publish them in your blog and Facebook pages



The typical small business owner does not have time and money to go to a local collage or technical school to learn the basic of video for the web. Every week or so a new tool appear on the web and if you're not in the field is daunting, confusing and scary.


Enroll in www.videotrainingeasy.com and star learning in your first hour!. Doesn't matter if you have

No idea about video, is you know how to browse the web and send an email to your grandpa you have
all the skills needed to start.

(fake URL site -www.videotrainingeasy.com )


Relate story to audience: No more frustration in video creating for your business. Use Video to Attract and Keep Web Visitors in your site.


1. Use Video to Enhance Your Website

2. Use Video to Demonstrate a Product or Activity

3. Use Video to Drive Traffic to Your Website

4. Use Video to Promote a Sale or Special Event

5. Use Video to Engage Customers With Your Brand


Call to Action: 

Build your brand, improved your sales, drive traffic to your site

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