Learn to Think Like a Designer: 100 Flowers

I started my 100 flowers on Monday (Jan 11 2016) I picked flowers mainly because nature is something I want to explore more where drawing and painting is concerned ( and if im honest, it felt slightly easier then leaves) 

As of Jan 15 I have drawn or painted 36 ( guess I still have a way to go) 

Here are some explames of what Ive done so far 



Today (Jan15) I started to look at pictures of flowers and created two mood boards, just to help me go to the next stage ...... 



So now I will go draw/paint some more :) while looking at STEP 3 Quick creativity

Jan 18th 

Have worked on the project on and off since the 15th ... I did take a break on the 15th 

I did my brainstorm 


which really got me thinking in so many ways ...and Im sure I could have added so many other words to this.. like greeting cards , wrapping paper and so on and so on .... 

I tried lots of different mediums ... like watercolors (before I had used watercolor pencils) and ink... also looked at different styles..like a more primitive style, abstract and things like that.

I did go play ... I went and colored with my daughter.... in her enchanted Forest coloring book ... and that gave me some more ideas ..... 

I also tried typography ....and included flowers with it ....all of this you can see below... Ive not included everything cause I dont want to bore everyone to bits 

and I can honestly say there is always 1 or 2 flowers i really dont like on every page and a few that make me go wow did I just draw that :) ... drawing isnt my strong point ...for a living I hold a camera ..so this had really challeneged me. 


(primitive style) 


(watercolor..sorry the paper is slightly to small for the paper so it chops bits off) 


(ink..and bad scan) 


( after playing with coloring pages) 


(adding other elements in) 


(typography...done badly ....I know I can do better) 


(more typography,,, I think I will be doing your typography class faye :)) 

So... as of the 18th of Jan I only have 5 more flowers to go ...... ( punches the air and walks of doing a gig ) 

Jan 21st

Last 5 Flowers

wow this was hard ....so I started to think like a gardener ... ( I do garden ) and i thought about the stages that flowers grow .... so that's what I drew.... Tulips in five stages ... which concludes my 100 flowers




This class has been totally awesome, thank you Faye …

Hopefully now I will start to think like a designer :)


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