Learn to Take Beautiful Plant Photos

Learn to Take Beautiful Plant Photos - student project


Nature photography is a hobby of mine and plants are my favorite outdoor photography subjects.  This is my first class, so any feedback is welcome.  


Description for the class:

Do you want to get started with nature photography but don't know where to start?  Or maybe you have done some landscape photography but want to know more about how to capture the beautiful macros that you see on Instagram.  Plants are a great way to get started.  They are plentiful, have great details, and don't run away while you are photographing them.  This class will help you understand the equipment needed, finding good plants to photograph, lighting, and composition.

Class project: Take at least one plant photo and upload it to the class project page. 

My Outline:  https://docs.google.com/document/d/1fcCmGwKfPOrQUS4s9xuQ3zj2vP7d8coYyZ46DEJnsTs/edit?usp=sharing 

Here are the videos for my class: