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Learn to Spin Your Own Yarn

Channel Challenge

Here is the link to my Channel Challenge Course Plan I am looking forward to building my crafts channel.

My first class is to show how the weaving sticks can be used, and the second expands on the concept by showing you how to make a peg loom. I have made rugs using my peg loom and love the fact I can use a variety of yarns or fabrics. Class number three on my list in the challenge is to teach the English Paper Piecing method to those who want to learn how to make quilts with set-in seams. It's a great take-a-long project.


I am a self-taught spinner, and would like to teach you how to make your own yarn with the most basic equipment. The yarn can then be used for knit, crocheted or woven projects.

My class will teach you how to first make the spindle, then how to spin the fiber into yarn. You will then be taught how to ply from a center-pull ball.

Spinning your own yarn is a rewarding experience. As you become more skilled at it, you will find you can spin almost anywhere. I have sat in waiting rooms, at craft fairs and even spun in the car (as a passenger, of course). It attracts attention, and makes people take a second look. 

This is the most versatile way to spin. I have two spinning wheels as well, but find with a spindle I have the most control. 

The Lesson Plan can be found here.

The materials list is now available.

My class is published and the free enrollment link will take you to it.


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