Learn to Paint Watercolor Florals (Update: Published!)

Learn to Paint Watercolor Florals (Update: Published!) - student project

Hi there,

I'm new to teaching on Skillshare and would love to hear your feedback on my class. I'll be adding new information on this post from time to time. For now, I'd like to know what you think of my class topic and class project. 

Class topic:

In this Skillshare class, you will learn how to paint watercolor florals to create your own patterns.

Class project:

The class project will be to create a floral pattern using watercolors. The students will learn how to do this step-by-step. They will learn:

  • To create a Moodboard
  • What materials to use
  • How to create color palettes
  • How to explore shapes through sketching
  • How to paint florals to make a pattern

I'd love to hear what you think of my ideas. Thanks in advance and best of luck with your own classes!


A link to my class outline: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1R4EVTfnoNr4eCl1XN3qkVqFOG1K3UF2_q8bzUZ40V7Q/edit?usp=sharing

* Update *

I created a cover image for my class on watercolor floral patterns:

Learn to Paint Watercolor Florals (Update: Published!) - image 1 - student project

Any thoughts?


I've written the entire text for my class and timed it. It will be about 15 minutes in total. To me, that seems a nice length for my class.


Hi there, I decided to rename my class because I realized I'm not actually teaching how to paint a pattern (I don't teach the repeat part in this class). So I decided to name it: Learn to Paint Watercolor Florals. I've been filming all of my classes, and you can watch the introduction class here (with better audio now!):

I'd like to know what your opinion is on my very first video. 

Milestone 6

Time has gone so fast, and I'm glad to share that I've published my very first Skillshare class! The last step is to share a link to your class: http://skl.sh/2dDDdWN

I'd love to know whether you like my class or not :)

Eva Verbeek