Learn the Secret of Viral Videos

Learn the Secret of Viral Videos - student project

Hello everyone! 

I'm planning to create my first lesson: "Learn the Secret of Viral Videos". 

I would like to share how I made my videos viral in reaching million views and hundred thousand shares and likes in Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and social media platforms. 

Outline template:  https://docs.google.com/document/d/14foIVvUtPvze7duLPdmegPqgvdFAU0STBdaGmcUvlQ0/edit?usp=sharing

Project: Create a reaction video blog about a trending topic.

  • Use the marketing tools discussed.
  • Strategically insert your product or service information. 

Post a screenshot or insert a video link. 

Clyde Antes
Let's make Awesome videos!