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Learn the Rules

I decided to use the quote "Learn the rules so you know how to break them properly." The first part of the quote "Learn the rules" reminded me of conformity and authority, so I decided to go with a military theme. I used the tattoo style typography for the second part of the quote, "so you know how to break them properly" as I felt tattoos were indeed a way to break the rules during WWII. I wanted the poster to appear militant and aggressive, with the second part of the quote being subtle and understated. The tattoo style could have lent for fun designs to incorporate, but i went with some subtle stars in order to keep the general militant look. I decided to include a backwords R to include a Russian feel as it seemed slightly more militant, and it suited the second part of the quote. Below is the mood board I put together for reference, and the sketch that I later decided to stiple for the hand illustration. 


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