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Learn the Language of Money - Credit Cards

June 10th -- Class Outline for How to read your credit card statement

Here is the link to my class out. Please have a look. 

Link for Reading your Credit Card Statement

Thank you for your feed back.

June 2nd -- I decided to edit my topic a more bite size piece. My original topic was the Language of Money now it's Reading your credit card statement. I've finished the outline and came up with 4 milestones, making sure that participants don't share any personal information. 

The updated outline is as follows:

Opening your credit card statement can be a stressful event for lot of people, but until you open it, look and understand it you are at risk of spending money, paying fees or being the victim of fraud and not knowing. In this class you will learn how credit card interest works, how credit becomes debt and strategies to help reduce your fees and start paying it off. You will need to open your statement or go online to see it.

Topics include:

  • Determining your attitude to money
  • Understanding your credit card statement
  • How interested in calculated
  • What fees you are paying

My philosophy about money is that it is tool help you get what you want. In this class we will look at how your attitude about money can affect how you use money, credit and debt. You look at your credit card statement, because you can't start to improve your money decisions without know how your credit card works. 

Project - Class project is to create a cheat sheet to understand the fees and interest on credit cards.

  • Milestone 1. What's your money quote?
  • Take that money attitude quiz
  • Find a quote that you believe represents your attitude about money


  • Milestone 2. Open your credit card bill or go online
  • Answer the following questions:
  1. What your annual rate of interest for cash advances is?
  2. When is your payment due?
  3. How long is the grace period on your card?

Milestone 3. Compound interest ( I will give you the formula and an excel spreadsheet)

Milestone 4. What fees are you paying?

  • List possible fees you can pay on a credit card
  • Match the fees to the definitions


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