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Learn programming for CG.

I've been trying to learn coding for Computer Graphics for a while. But as I have noticed it is very hard to manage my time.

I am an animator and a teacher and these occupations always take my time during the day. I just have the nights to try to learn. 

But in many small bits of time during my day I could be learning, but I don't do it. So I wish this course helps me keep on track.

So here are my GSD.Lab test results:

Phase 1: Collect           4 - Danger

Phase 2: Process         3 - Warning

Phase 3: Organize       2 - Not so Good

Phase 4: Review          4 - Danger

Phase 5: Do                 5 - Warning




Just did my Todoist. And I am really less stressed. But now I have lots of things to do. 


Update on June 19


I just processed my tasks. As Tiago told in the video lessons, they were too generic. So I just broke them down in small pieces to make them more specific.

This process just remembered me a similar process I am learning in the Project Management classes I am having at the Doctorate I am studying right now: the WBS. One of its goals is to deconstruct the specific parts of the project to become it more simple and manageable.


Update on June 27


I watched Unit 5 and started the method of reviewing my tasks in a daily basis and in a weekly basis. I have noticed I am really more efficient, but it is very hard when something unexpected happens. As an example I had a personal problem: my dog died this week and I simply couldn't work for one day. The task on this day accumulate more and am still trying to solve them during the other days spare time. But this makes me feel I am not that organized.

It seems to me this system needs some adjustments, with many of the tasks being arranged in a manner someone could respond in case of an emergency.

Also I started testing evernote. It seems more powerful than Todoist. In Todoist I can't insert pictures and hand notations, while in Evernote all tasks seems more powerful. Well, I'll keep testing them.

And just as a final comment. Watching unit 5 I really felt this is method is usefull when inserted in a broad way of organizing tasks, like WBS and the Gantt Chart. 


Update on June 30 


I finally watched the last video and decided to use Evernote and Todoist together for a while. I think both are very good tools with different approaches. I want to use the simplicity of Todoist with the power of capturing the visual a audio notes from the real and virtual worlds.

Also I adopted Samsung's SPlanner as a schedule tool. I was using it before and it just worked to me so I decided to keep it, but working with its reminders. The way I used it was not the best way because sometimes I just inserted the event in the calendar and didn't set it up to send me a feedback about it. Also I discovered I can insert images on it. So I think it will become more powerful now. 

And these were my "attack weeks", were I was adapting my routine to the methods I was testing and getting rid of the great amount of work I had disorganized. This Monday I am finally starting the programming. Let's see if I'll get it. I'll keep this page updated.


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