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Learn how to create amazing blog post Images Fast


100 students enrolled in my class.

Achieved this target within 36 hours class is going viral Check what made this class viral.

Class title - Learn how to create amazing Blog post images Fast

My class is now live you. Happy and excited about it.

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Welcome to my first class.

In this class, I will teach you how you can create amazing blog post images easily with free tools and how you can finish them fast to make your blog post engaging and professional.

This class is good for beginners and intermediate people, who do blogging or create interactive images every day. After joining this class you will be able to make high quality professional images easily within minutes.

You don't need to learn design and color in depth for creating great image work. These free tools can be used to edit your existing images as well.

Types of tools used

1. It does not involve Photoshop.

2. We will use only free tools to design images.

3. We will pick free high-quality images online.

4. Every resource will be free and is present online. 

What will you learn in this class?

1. How to get free high-quality images online.

2. How to edit images.

3. How to use text on images and mix them.

4. Extra advanced tips to make life easy.

In last you will be able to create a high quality of images which can be used anywhere either blog, as a personal editing, outsource work, creating cover images for social media sites and with your imagination, there will be no limit to use this free software.

Example of Images That I created within 2 - 5 minutes




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