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Carles Lopez

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Learn from yesterday...

In the past 2 years and half my life it's been kind of a roller coaster. Ups and downs an a bit of everything. I've forced to think positively even if my mind refused.

So what a better way to end the day and wake up in the morning than with this quote and this beautiful technique beside my bed !!

These days computers take all the time and I am loosing my manual techniques! It shows I have to practice more the wet technique, sorry. Anyway I did my best and among all I enjoyed a lot both painting manually and digitalizing the ABC.

As my printer had almost no ink I used the "pencil-in-the-background" technique to transfer the ABC to the watercolor paper. It was quite smooth outline but enough to see.


After that, and after finding my watercolor box forgotten in a drawer (not anymore) I starter to give color to it. Blue, green and gold yellow are my colors. Something really bright that gives me the idea of hope (The complete sentence is "Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow")


I must say that even if the watercolor is not the best one I ever made, I am quite happy with the result. It really gives me the idea of hand painted, even if I use it with computer.

This is the screenshot of the file made in Illustrator with its layers and groups.


I am sure I will do more typos in a future. I think it's an amazing idea. I have immagined here a card with this quote

This is the final result! I hope you like it and please feel free to comment. And yes it has a kind of heart ish shape :-)



et voilà! some ideas




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