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Karla Angelica Valdez

Graphic Designer



Learn and Never Quit

This is one of my favourite motivating quotes. As a designer who just got out of school, there are a lot of challenges. Even more than when I was in school. You will not learn 'how to find a job' or 'where to look for jobs' in your classes. When you are done, you are on your 'merry' way. But being done school and not working as a designer, that doesn't mean I should stop learning new things. 'Learn and never quit', there are so many things to explore, the possibilities are endless. Being a well-rounded designer means you probably have a skill that others don't. Hand-lettering for example is something which I have taken interest recently. Practicing will help and in time I will be able to produce better results...

I should have taken a photo of the process, but they are all over the place so this is the final layout sketch:


Digitized in black and white. Since I am using CS6, It's harder to get better results with Image Trace. I used the pen tool to trace most of the elements. It's more tedious, but it gave cleaner results. Although it doesnt have that rough edge that a hand-lettered piece has.

Play on colour. The border and design elements were changed. It's still a work in progress, so I am open for suggestions! I am planning to print these as bookmarks or frame it depending on how the final design turns out...


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