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Learn about Culinary Herbs and Its Health Benefits

Final Published Class:

Class Description:
Food is most integral part of our being, it’s the essence of our mind, helps to build our physical body, a mode of showing tradition and culture and also a form of art. We often notice that our grandpa’s and grandma’s eating every food that they love eating, and in spite of that they have sharp memory, no grey hair and bright skin. But look at ours we have given up what we love eating, what we eat is actually giving us high blood pressure, high cholesterol, forget about getting thin all we can see is our face getting wrinkled and dry day by day at a very age of 30’s. So was it something that they were following that we don’t know. So, Let’s find out the secret through this course.

Class Project :

Tell me what all culinary herbs have you introduced in your kitchen? Is your friends and family liking it? What benefits did you see? Share it and talk about it to bring awareness and learning experience for all

Class Outline:


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