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Learn To Create Your Own Blog(Food Niche) - Even a 10 year old can do it.

The course is about helping you understand the fundamentals of creating a pro look food blog. so you can be able to create the websites that you need, and not have to wait months on a developer to build something for you... Odds are they will take up to 1-3 months to even develop anything but for me timing is everything and is too valuable to waste! I'm all about helping you become more productive and save time, so you can spend more of your time and money on more important tasks! 

My goal is to help you create a Food Blog quick so that you can start showing your blog to your audience  or viewers something ASAP. The faster you can do this, the faster you can get feedback and start improving your website or even get sales! 

I will be creating a project module, where you have to practically follow my sessions.


I will be going over... 

-From start to finish of creating your website

-How to create an account, pick a template

-Adding text, images and your logo

-Managing all of your pages and home page

- Paid blog and free blog

-All the way until adding the domain and publishing your website!

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