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Learn To Attract Local Customers To Your Business

Are you a small business owner?

Looking for more customers?

Through this 7 lesson online course you will be walked step by step through the process of getting your business in front of more local customers by use of video tutorials and pdf descriptions in 7 days. From there these methods can continue to be used to continually improve your business.

Each lesson can be completed in a single day and includes the following benefits for your business.

  • First I cover an overview of local search and some key terms you need to know.
  • Then I will walk you through doing research to find what search terms you should use to attract customers interested in your business.
  • From there I will give you some easy tips to improving your website for local search that will put your business in front of more customers online.
  • Next up is setting up business profiles that will bring your website higher in the local search results thereby increasing visits to your business website and physical location.
  • Following setting up business profiles is how to put images to use for your business.
  • Followed by how to use video to attract more customers.
  • Finally we discuss how to put reviews to use for your business. Good reviews bring more customers and bad ones drive them away and we cover how to use both to your advantage.

If your not aware of just how big a deal local search is and why you want your business to show up in local searches then read the following statistics.

  • 97% of American internet users use the internet to shop of which 57% characterize their behavior as shop online, purchase offline (NPD Group)
  • 90% of online commercial searches result in offline bricks and mortar purchases (proprietary research / comScore)
  • 82% of local searchers follow up offline via an in-store visit, phone call or purchase (TMP / comScore)
  • 80% of budgets are spent within 50 miles of the home (DMA / proprietary)
  • 74% of internet users perform local searches (Kelsey Group)
  • 73% of online activity is related to local content (Google)
  • 66% of American use online local search, like Google local (Google)
  • 61% of local searches result in purchases (TMP / comScore)
  • 54% of Americans have substituted the internet and local search for phone books (comScore networks)
  • 35% of all searches are local (DM News)
  • 25% of internet searches have a purely local, commercial focus (Kelsey-Bizrate)

So 90% of commercial searches result in offline brick and mortar store purchases. That means that if someone is doing a search for a service you provide and you do not show up then your competitor is taking that person as a new customer. These numbers are increasing every day.

Activities will include the following:

  • Perform research for a keyword
  • Create a business profile listing
  • Pick a method for gathering customer reviews


  • One student will be picked at random to win a free local business citation package from SEO Site Tech a local seo marketing company.


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