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Josh Cavin

Software Engineer



Learn SEO To Grow Your Website

I took this class to actually better my skillshare class that I have been teaching - Learning How To SEO To Increase Visitors. There were a few major points that I really wanted to explore that Seth's class description said he would go over. The main sections were, funding, hiring, and partnerships. 

I have gone to a few pitches here and there, but running into a similar problem that it seems like people really want to only fund in ideas that are already successful. Looks like production should be the main focus ahead of funding. Basically "if you build it, they will come" 

Hiring has been an interesting battle. I have been trying to find that invaluable asset, but having trouble finding him/her. It could be that I am in the wrong area and too far away from the silicon valley. I asked this question on the community area, but have not received a good repsonse on some great places to find employees. The search goes on. 

I really like in this class that he talks about his following and how it took him a long time to get there. The power of a following is huge and I have been trying to increase mine. I beleive that providing quality content and staying honest will go a long way with building these types of relationships. Social media has been one part of my marketing efforts and I have been learning a ton. One tip that I can pull from is connecting to people on a much more personal level is more valuable then blasting to many. An example would be sending out a status update or tweet vs. sending emails individually to each person. I have incorporated my web design services with my social network ones. It shows to me that most people who need some sort of development or design work done, also need some social networking.  

I have seen a much greater response and ROI with personalized contact from others.


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