Deepak Jain

Designer and Online marketer



Learn Passive Income Strategies for Designers

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Class Description:

Earning passive income can mean you have more choices but it does not guarantee you will make the right choices or prudent choices so you still need to understand the concepts of saving, spending, investing and sharing.  If you want to spend more, save more, invest more or give more to others, you have to earn more.  Unfortunately, with access to debt, people have forgotten about the importance of earning money. And If you are a designer then it is a plus point because in this course I have talked about different things you can do to earn those extra money when you asleep

Now, I can’t promise that you’ll become a millionaire overnight, but it will be mighty nice to have an extra stream of income or two coming in.

Class Project :

Which passive income strategy did you choose? What are your learning from it and if you wish to talk about the same here, it will be beneficial to all the students and me as well. There is always extra benefits in learning by experience and by talking with people who have done it themself

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