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Learn My Secret 3 Color Steam Egg Recipe

Class Description

3 Color Steam Egg is a traditional Chinese family recipe that I grew up with. Using just 3 types of eggs and some garnishing ingredients, this is a simple dish to cook that can be enjoyed by both kids and adults. I'll show you simple steps to make this silky, smooth texture dish just like Japanese Chawanmushi that you can enjoy with rice or porridge!

Class Project

Try your favourite garnishing! It's like choosing different toppings on a pizza you can get creative and put what you love. I use fried shallots a lot in my dishes as my favourite garnishing but you can also try stuff like anchovies, beans, or who knows maybe pepperoni will also go well with this dish!

Please post and share a photo of your final dish.


Link to class video outline

Link to introduction video

Link to published class video


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