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Learn Material Design - Create a portfolio site using Materialize

For my first class I am going to go over making a portfolio site following Material design patterns using the Materialize CSS framework.

Class Description

Material design is a trending app and website design style created by Google that combines classic principles of design with innovative technology. Used by many popular android apps and websites like Gmail and Google+, material design is continuing to grow in popularity.

Learn how to make your very own portfolio site following Google's Material Design with the Materialize CSS framework. By the end of this course you will have your very own unique portfolio site and you will know how to use the Materialize CSS framework to apply material design to any of your future website projects.

Class Project Title

Build your own bold, colorful and fun material portfolio site

Class Project Description

While completing this course we will work together on designing a portfolio site using the Materialize CSS framework. This portfolio site can be a site for your own amazing work or the work of a company, person, band, or anything else that has work you want to show off. If you want to design a site for your own work, but don't have any yet you can use placeholder images and art to be placeholders for your awesome future work.

Throughout this course, you will submit the progress on the portfolio site to get feedback from myself and your fellow classmates. The following steps must be completed to complete this project:

  1. Set up the basic site layout
  2. Design the header
  3. Design the footer
  4. Design the about you section
  5. Design the works/projects section
  6. Customize the portfolio to make the site your own

While customizing the portfolio site is the last step of the project, feel free to customize the site as we work together on it. The important thing is to make this site your own unique creation that you can be proud of.



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