Learn Machine Learning End Date: July 15, 2018

Getting the bigger picture

The Goal - Define the Goal  

My goal is to learn Python Programming. To program fluently in Python and C and use it in data analytics and machine learning

The Why - Define why this goal is important to you

Many jobs are going to be obsolete soon and as an engineer, I want to pass out with certain technical skills that are going to qualify for a job in long-term and are also useful in management fields. Data analytics and Machine learning are few of the skill-set that as per me are here to stay at least for next 15 years. And I Need To Survive.


Machine learning

Milestone 1: Learn Basics of Python| By June 20

  • Code once a day. Learn a new thing
    • Plan the night before
    • Track progress
    • Revise
    • At least 1 hour of coding per day
  • Read all the notes made while doing NPTEL course
    • Revise thoroughly


Milestone 2: Basics of Machine learning using python| By June 27

  • Learn basics
    • Start from linear regression
    • Learn Algorithms.
    • Start from Supervised learning


  • Workout Monday - Friday
    • Clear at least 1 data set

Milestone 3: Get ahead of yourself| By July 5th

  • Dive into deep learning
    • Track progress
    • Know the basics
    • Know where it is used.
  • Work on using deep learning.
    • How to use?
    • Get an accountability partner to check in daily
    • Daily python coding at 1/2 hour


Milestone 4: Neural Network| By July 15th

  • Find a suitable course
    • Plan the night before
    • Start with the course
    • Regularly tread on the path


  • Workout Monday - Friday
    • ½ hour of code
    • 1 data set to be cleared every day
    • Get an accountability partner to check in daily