Learn Like a Detective

Mission Statement

Sometimes it helps to add a little adventure to learning.

Visual Treatment / Production Notes

Inside a poorly lit, cluttered office room, we see a person from behind, frantically moving around.  They grab at loose papers or stacks of folders apparently looking for something.

We cut back to see the bigger picture- countless strings connect photos, postal letters, sticky-notes, and post-cards all pinned to the wall.  In the middle of it all is a paper with a large “?” printed on it.

The person stops for a moment and stares at the paper.  The person grabs a whiskey glass full of milk and takes a long, hard drink.  We show his face- he is a child dressed in a suit and fedora.  As he puts down the glass, his eyes begin to widen. (Figure out Later- the child finds some clue that makes it all make sense.)

Inside a classroom, the young boy excitedly writes down an answer on his test.

Back in the office, the boy (again dressed in the suit), pulls down the paper with the “?” and replaces it with his graded test.  A+.


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