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Learn How to Be a Free Agent

Hello all! Here is my latest update for the class. I have updated my Go Mighty goals here: 


As always, thanks in advance for your feedback. I really appreciate it!

You can also see my week 3 update here: 


I found as I was thinking about my business plan and finances, Andi's discussion brought up all kinds of things I might do and I felt like I needed to give myself some limits. In terms of setting up a budget for my work as a free agent, I don't believe I need any special licenses or up front costs I don't already have (already have studio space and an accountant is waiting in the wings for next year!). Of course, I am open to suggestions or opinions if you think of something, please let me know! And thanks :)


Now I'm thinking all about the different kinds of customers I'll need. I'm thinking art director, agent, buyer, and retail fashion customer. You can see more in my Go Mighty story, but feel free to leave me a comment here if you've got any suggestions!

Please see my update on week 2 at http://www.gomighty.com/nottene/week-2-or-who

Thank you!!

I am a designer and illustrator looking to leave my full time job and do my own work. Currently I design jewelry and fashion accessories for an accessories company in New York. My family and I just moved to Philadelphia from Brooklyn to have a lower cost of living, more space for our girls, and a studio for me! 

I have started picking up freelance work, and am hoping to give up my corporate job this year.

I would like to be able to follow my own path and work in several disciplines (I have an MA in textiles, experience in fashion and accessories, and as an art director and graphic designer). I don't want to be fenced in to a particular "expertise" but rather would like to be able to tackle new media sometimes too.

My Go Mighty Life List is here: http://gomighty.com/goal/23586/


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