Learn Greek for beginners

Learn Greek for beginners - student project

Have you always wanted to learn Greek and did not get the chance? Or maybe you want to start learning again? In this class, you are going to learn the basics of Greek and in the end, you will learn how to hold an everyday conversation!

This class covers all major topics a beginner needs to learn, guiding you throughout the course so for you to be able to start from the basics and eventually going to a higher level. In the end, you will be able to read, understand and make conversations in Greek. If you ever go to Greece or Cyprus, basic-everyday conversations in Greek will be useful and appreciated! No prior knowledge is required to take this course.


You will learn:

* The Greek alphabet and how to pronounce it.

* Vocabulary - a variety of phrases to use in everyday life

* Spelling words in Greek

* and also get the chance to learn the Cypriot dialect of Greek, in case you want to visit Cyprus!


Class project:

The project will contain simple exercises, for instance you will be asked to write your name in Greek, write about your interests and to write a basic everyday conversation. You can take a picture of your exercises and post it to the Project Gallery, where I will be giving you feedback.