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Learn German the interesting way - Introducing yourself

I have just published my first video course (here is the link):

Class outline

Here comes my promovideo for my first video course on Skillshare: 

Happy about feedback!

Project Description

There are two ways how to do the assignment:

1. Write a short text in German and introduce yourself to the community

  • your name
  • where you are from
  • where you live
  • what you do
  • any additional information is welcome if you´d like to say something more

2, Write a short dialogue between two people greeting and introducing each other:

  • consider the same aspects as in 1.
  • these two persons can be chosen freely or you choose well-known people like celebrities etc.
  • skip telling their names then and let the community guess!
  • If you like, extend the dialogue and improvise

If you don´t know a word in German, look it up here:

Try to correct each other, since this is productive for both sides. If you need professional help or feedback, just let me know…

I´m excited to see your results!


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