Learn Ecover Design

Learn Ecover Design - student project

Hello, My name is Opadiran and I am a graphics designer and online teacher. I am passionate about what I do and about teaching others. I have started various online and offline businesses.

Whatever your reason for learning Graphics Design you have made an excellent career choice

I just published my class Learn Graphics Design

And I need enrollments and reviews.

I will be very glad if you enroll and leave a review. I'll do the same instantly.

Here is the link to the Introduction on YouTube https://youtu.be/u2dIAh1M2qw

Here is the link to my outline: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1UsRkLFZwfWCvaLpEOGNN9Qti1otkEu14ir6aZa7uV4o/edit?usp=sharing

Here is the link to my class: http://skl.sh/2d9EKDP


Opadiran Damilola Abdulafeez
Graphics Design Specialist.