Learn Basic Animation in Photoshop CC by Creating a GIF.


Class Description

Have you ever wanted to send a funny GIF to a friend but can’t find one that works for what you need?  Or, maybe you have your own website and want a simple, but eye catching moving image as a banner or icon?  Perhaps you just enjoying making images that have an element that moves to add interest. Whatever may be the case for you - knowing how to do the simplest of animations in Photoshop can give you a lot of creative freedom!  Plus, it’s actually pretty easy to get started!

In this class you will learn the very basics of the Timeline tool in Photoshop CC in order to animate.  The Timeline feature is where you can bring your static images to life over a period of time - either creating full animations or fun looping GIFs.  Animations in Photoshop can be as simple or complex as you make them to be, but understanding the basics will give you the ability to experiment and create!

Your Class Project will be to create a looping moving image (GIF) that you can share with friends and family, your fellow Reddit community members, or simply enjoy yourself.

This class is geared towards those with a basic knowledge of Photoshop (or similar software), but we will address all the necessary steps to complete the class project.  Prior understanding of some terminology will simply make this easier.


What You'll Needed:

  • A Computer
  • Access to Photoshop CC
  • Images or Doodles you'd like to animate


(Massive WIP Still - Needs Refined)

Project Overview:

Your project is to create a GIF using at least __ frames.

Project Steps:

  1. Post what type of GIF you are planning to create in the Community Tab. (Topic, style, etc.)
    • Always remember that you can come back to this post for feedback if you are having trouble or have questions.
  2. Upload your final GIF into the Project Gallery to share with others.
  3. (Bonus Step) Upload your image to your favorite image hosting platform and leave a link to the image in the Community tab. 
    • If you've made a funny meme, a holiday greeting, or something else you'd like people to share - be sure to indicate that sharing the image is ok!

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