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Tara Andrews

Designer & Illustrator



Leaping Hare Logo

I joined in the 30 day logo design challenge and am already motivated and excited to create some new logos. 

For this project I'd like to make a leaping rabbit caught in mid leap. I love the profile and how they look like they are in flight and so focused about moving forward. I also love the suggestion of movement.

My Moodboard


Here are a few of my sketches. I worked with some varying sized circles to get the shapes. I am really liking how this is coming together but would love to hear feedback or suggestions.

I tried both profiles of the rabbit (legs outstreched and legs crossing) but the leaping one offered a more attractive profile for a logo.


I also tried some sketches with four feet and with only two. I kind of prefer the two feet simplified profile. What do you think?


I did another sketch to incporporate some type into the logo and also bring the ears back to give the impression of speed. 


Then the fun part in Illustrator.

With my grid visible.


and then without. Not sure if I will include a nose and eye or not. Will play with a few options.


I added some shadows under the legs and took out the nose. I also added some type to make it more speedy looking and played with some colours. Here is the result.


Let me know any suggestions and comments if you can see ways to improve on the design.


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