Leap - student project

Leap - image 1 - student project

Source image unsplash - Jan Kopřiva

Thanks Rich for helping unlock the new Fresco app, I doubt I would have given Adobe Fresco a try without your enthusiastic introduction and it has got me working in ways that are new and exciting.

Probably a bit overwrought but learnt a lot with this first leap of faith and there are lots of serendipitous discoveries that I will be reusing. Only a few videos in so interested to see what rabbit hole you send me down next ;)

Leap - image 2 - student project

The above is more recent than those below and is definitely the last upload (though I have to confess Fresco is extremely addictive)

Leap - image 3 - student project

'S' for MatiSSe ;)

Leap - image 4 - student project

With extra 'GGRRRRrrr'!

Leap - image 5 - student project

With extra 'Bbrrrrrr'!

Leap - image 6 - student project

Self portrait with extra 'EEEwwwwer'!  Spent toooooo long noodling with this but have to confess it was very therapeutic ;)

Leap - image 7 - student project

With extra 'bare' 

Leap - image 8 - student project

The above but with extra 'hair'! That's all folks. Thanks again Rich.