Leah-Dora Clothiers

Leah-Dora Clothiers - student project



Leah-Dora is a fictional women's apparel company. It is inspired by the personality and style of both of my grandmothers, Leah and Dora.

Leah was classy, graceful, polite and kind. Dora was adventurous, quick to laugh, fiesty and endearing. I look up to both of these ladies so much that it has affected the style in which I dream of creating a clothing company around. "Fine apparel crafted for the refined adventuress".

I imagine it as a clothing company that rejoices in the rugged, classical beauty of the vintage woman. Clothing that can be elegant but durable enough to withstand the strain of climbing a tree to read a book. Clothing that has been crafted with love and appreciation for the everyday tasks and the not-so-everyday triumphs that woman encounter. 

Where lass meets lady.


As for the design of the label - I love the idea of playing off of a vintage ex libris book plate - to suggest that the article of clothing belongs soley and especially to the wearer on all her journeys. And perhaps the design could be one color - and all the artwork embroidered. I want to create a handlettered logo and some sweet florals, perhaps to hug the edge of the label or to use as delicate accents.


Mood Board:

Leah-Dora Clothiers - image 1 - student project


Label Thumbnails:

I explored these thumbnails with a lot of flourishing and different label shapes. This label is one that would be sewn on the inside of the garment. I have yet to decide what to do with the wash instructions- and I also wanted to add a line where the owner could write thier name. So I'm still working on them a bit. 

Leah-Dora Clothiers - image 2 - student project


Label Roughs:

Added in the line for the name and a little naturey scene to bring home the adventurousness of the brand. Final size: 1.5" x 5.5" but I've enlarged it so you can see it better.  Leah-Dora Clothiers - image 3 - student project


Label Final Options -1:

This is my idea for the label being screenprinted onto the clothing item with the size stamped on (stole that idea from Jon's video - so clever!) Two ideas here- not sure which is most successful. Would love some input!

Leah-Dora Clothiers - image 4 - student project 

Label Final Options -2:

This is my idea for the label either being embroidered or printed on the fabric and then sewn onto the clothing item with the size stamped on. Again, two ideas here- input is very welcome!

Leah-Dora Clothiers - image 5 - student project


Final Label:

Holy Moses I finally finished this lil guy! So much fun! I decided to take the blue color out of the "fine apparel" and decided to go with a more hand-stitched look for the edge. Some technical difficulties with not having any extra fabric made it so I couldn't darken the smaller writing and reprint. If I had everything how I wanted it, I'd have used a tighter-weave fabric to print on or I'd even have loved to try out embroidery. But, for what I had to work with at home, I feel pretty good about it!

Learned a ton and met a bunch of cool people! Thanks Jon!

The sewing process:

Leah-Dora Clothiers - image 6 - student project

And the final label:

Leah-Dora Clothiers - image 7 - student project

Leah-Dora Clothiers - image 8 - student project

Jill De Haan

Graphic Designer