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League of Legends inspired Character

I wanted to create a character that could fit into the visual style and the lore and world of League of Legends. (Yes, I am a big fan haha)

My character doesn't have a name yet, for now, I just call her Sun Girl. She is from a smaller tribe in the jungle, however her father, whom she doesn't know is from Damacia. She sets out to find her father and the other side of her heritage. After finding him they are ambushed by Noxian soldiers, but saved by a group of Damacian soldiers who had been tracking the Noxians. However, her father is mortally wounded, and holding her dying father in her arms she pledges to avenge him. 

She joins the Damacians and eventually end up at the institute of war where she hopes she can find justice for her father. 

She is a mage, and wouldn probably be played as a support character. Her powers come from the sun, and she is able to produce fire from it as well as other things. 

I had a lot of fun creating her, and she's not finished yet. 

Here are the steps so far:



I'm still going to add some details, like fixing her headband, adding to crownish thingie, and do the gemstones on her staff.. just haven't gotten around to it yet- anywho, crits and comments are always appreciated. Have a good one!

Got somewhere on my coloring too! Haven't decided if the staff is finished or not, but so far so good ^^


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